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How startups can use metrics to drive success
Mark Suster joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a general partner after selling his company to He focuses on early-stage technology companies. He blogs One of the things I discuss the most with the portfolio companies I’m involved with is that “you manage what you measure.” It’s a very important concept for me [...]

YouTube Video of the Day: Forget Inception, This Will Destroy Your Mind
Films don’t require nearly three hours of content in order to alter your world view, as evidenced by this little video, which clocks in at 27 “Whaa?”-inducing seconds. Kind of makes you wonder whether the realm we inhabit does, in fact, exist, huh? I’m going to go rock back and forth in the corner for [...]

Textbook Renter Chegg Moves Beyond Books
Online book renter Chegg has given students at more than 6,400 college campuses an alternative to purchasing expensive text books. Now it also wants to help them study and schedule courses. The company announced on Thursday that it is launching a new website that integrates two social learning services it recently acquired. In August, Chegg [...]

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